Capline is a game-changing way to do wireline services. It offers more efficient interventions and introduces new tools for enhanced oil production. The innovation consists of a winch enclosed inside a pressure vessel and installed in direct extension of the well, drastically reducing the complexity and footprint of the operation. The miniaturization is made possible by replacing the steel wire with a robust synthetic fiber rope.

Capline is the only way to do well intervention without any dynamic seals, increasing the safety and simplicity of the operations.

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Capline Rope

The Capline rope is used to lower and retrieve various downhole tools to their target depth inside wells. The rope is made of high-strength synthetic fibers and is highly resistant against mechanical cuts and abrasion. It is fitted with an optical fiber that can be used either as a sensor by itself or used for signal transmission.

The rope has been extensively tested to verify its compatibility with well chemicals and temperatures and is therefore well qualified for downhole services.


Tension Head

Real-time optical measurements are an integrated part of the Capline system. The Capline tension head utilizes fiber optical sensors in order to provide accurate feedback of what is going on downhole, at the location of the tool string. This increases the preciseness of mechanical work and reduces the risk of miss-runs significantly.


Optical Logging

The optical fiber in the Capline rope is also used for optical logging, providing new cost-effective tools for enhanced oil production. The distributed temperature and acoustic signature can be effectively measured along the full length of the well to diagnose gas lift, optimize production and verify well integrity.

Capline is an ideal tool for long-term logging. It has minimal impact on the well and the facility it is installed on and no dynamic seals. Specialist interpretation is provided to help draw the greatest insights possible from the data, which can be presented in a highly visual way.


Open Platform

Capline is an open platform offering third party technologies conveyance and broadband access from the surface to the reservoir. Capline’s minimal footprint is maintained and there is still no dynamic seals.

The optical fiber complies to international standards. It can be used for existing systems designed for information gathering and intervention.