CapWell has a continual focus on innovation and new developments to enhance conventional light well intervention. Technical advancements are combined with operational insight and a strong dedication to great products and the ever increasing recovery of oil and gas.

Below is a short list of some of the projects in the pipeline of future developments.


Hybrid Rope

A hybrid rope includes electrical conductors in addition to optical fibers, making Capline deployment of existing e-line tools like traditional production logging, cement evaluation, milling and cutting possible. It will also increase the reach of Capline operations by enabling well tractors to pull the tool string into horizontal and highly deviated wells.


Ultra Light Subsea Well Intervention

The technology will deliver even greater benefits when applied to riser-less intervention of subsea wells, constituting a way of intervention that completely caps the well by metal-to-metal seals. The winch will then be installed directly on the subsea X-mas tree without any wire exiting the well.

Multiple complications of traditional riserless well intervention are made history by eliminating the potential long length of wire run from the ship to the seabed:

  • Wire drag, which obfuscate depth and tension measurements
  • Vulnerability to ocean currents
  • Drift-offs

The benefits of Capline subsea intervention are proportional to the depth; deeper waters correspond to greater benefits.


Rapid Onshore Well Intervention

The combination of simple well control, less equipment, diagnostics and intervention enables the design of one truck with unprecedented information gathering capacity that can also intervene to fix the identified issues and ensure fast rig-ups, proving a competitive integrated service for oil production companies.